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November 28, 2009
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Canon EOS 1000D
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1/1328 second
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18 mm
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Date Taken
Nov 26, 2009, 4:16:13 PM
Beautiful Crown Palace by aruki Beautiful Crown Palace by aruki
The Taj Mahal (Hindi: ताज महल; Persian/Urdu: تاج محل ) is a mausoleum located in Agra, India, built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

The Taj Mahal (also "the Taj") is considered the finest example of Mughal architecture, a style that combines elements from Persian, Indian, and Islamic architectural styles. In 1983, the Taj Mahal became a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was cited as "the jewel of Muslim art in India and one of the universally admired masterpieces of the world's heritage."

While the white domed marble mausoleum is its most familiar component, the Taj Mahal is actually an integrated complex of structures. Building began around 1632 and was completed around 1653, and employed thousands of artisans and craftsmen. The construction of the Taj Mahal was entrusted to a board of architects under imperial supervision including Abd ul-Karim Ma'mur Khan, Makramat Khan, and Ustad Ahmad Lahauri. Lahauri is generally considered to be the principal designer.

- from Wikipedia ([link])

According to the tourist guide, Taj Mahal literally translates to Beautiful Crown Palace. It took 22 years for it to be built by 20,000 workers who did not use any type of machinery. The palace was worth 40 million Rupees. The Taj also contained jewels, gems and precious stones.

:jawdrop: I literally went that way when I heard the story behind it, and a few facts shared by the guide. Sure I've read a few stuffs about it, but seriously, it was a whole lot different when you hear an Indian national share stories about the magnificent structure itself.

The price we paid at the entrance doesn't matter at all, really. It's as if you entered a different realm and plunged into the past as you hear the events back then. Each step we took, even as we were walking under the sun at 2 in the afternoon, was well worth it and we can't help but be amazed at every single aspect of the structure. OMG.

I hope to return to this place again with new company and... well, new gadgets to aid me in vividly capturing the breathtaking Taj Mahal.

Beautiful Crown Palace xx aruki

:camera: xx aruki
Taken in Agra, India
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2year-oldART Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2009
i love the sabattier effect. XD
Meira-Kurosaki Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2009   Digital Artist
awesome shot *o*
aruki Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2009
Thanks! (kaasar yung ibang peeps, hindi ako makasingit. ;A; )
Meira-Kurosaki Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2009   Digital Artist
No problem! :3
(aww D8 sobrang daming tao?)
aruki Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2009
(yeah, plus, medyo napapamadali ako dahil dun sa guide namin. amfs)
Meira-Kurosaki Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2009   Digital Artist
(aw D: at least you got a picture 8Db )
z3LLLL Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2009
whoa awesome shot!
aruki Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2009
wuuuooohhh!!! thank you! :) (coming from you, it's a real honor! :3 )
niladnama Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2009
omg gorgeous!! reminds me of The Fall!

I must visit india one day too!!
aruki Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2009
Thank you~ :meow:
(I haven't seen the movie, but I checked it out and it looks cool, ohoho~) A co-worker of my dad said trip to India is never complete without seeing Taj Mahal. And I say it's really worth it! :3
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